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  1. But there is no escaping the limits of such hackneyed writing.
  2. The hackneyed screenplay traffics in stereotype and yuk-yuk jokes.
  3. It's as dumb, and hackneyed, as it sounds.
  4. However hackneyed, the pre-credits sequence is striking.
  5. Bass'narrator writes, striking an early tone of hackneyed portent.
  6. It's difficult to find hackneyed in a sentence.
  7. But if the structure is somewhat hackneyed, it is also hopeful.
  8. As entertainment, it's often flat and hackneyed.
  9. "Everybody thinks it's hackneyed,"
  10. to the cynical " trite or hackneyed ."
  11. Still, others say the IMF name is getting a little hackneyed.
  12. There exists no more hackneyed political headline than a new broom sweeps clean.
  13. All of the multiple story lines are hackneyed and manipulated for dramatic effect.
  14. Sometimes, the hackneyed phrase is the right one.
  15. I would find some trite and hackneyed way to say it was good.
  16. Hackneyed, swooping strings and blowhard winds : bad.
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