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  1. According to Hartley, Hackman's character is unrealistically eccentric.
  2. What Steve McQueen started, Gene Hackman was happy to finish.
  3. Gene Hackman and Jon Voight co-star . ( Disney)
  4. Hackman, however, did not particularly enjoy producing the film.
  5. Plus Gene Hackman in a terrific cameo as the blind hermit.
  6. It's difficult to find hackman in a sentence.
  7. With Susan Sarandon, Gene Hackman and Tim Robbins . 1988.
  8. She hones in on a tobacco tycoon ( Gene Hackman ).
  9. The film came early in the careers of Hackman and Scheider.
  10. Doyle ( Gene Hackman ) and Buddy " Cloudy"
  11. Doyle ( Gene Hackman ) y Buddy " Cloudy"
  12. Or, more accurately, the combination of Hackman and Mamet.
  13. Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman star . ( 20th Century Fox)
  14. Did Hackman use that knowledge to feed Harry's paranoia?
  15. Hackman and Connelly were not on hand to receive their awards.
  16. Predicted nominees : Crowe, Smith, Washington, Wilkinson, Hackman
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