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"hackly" meaning  "hackly" in Chinese  
  1. Other types of fracture are fibrous, splintery, and hackly.
  2. It is hard with a hackly fracture and harsh feel.
  3. There is no planes of cleavage present in kamacite which gives it a hackly fracture.
  4. Hackly lives with Nawuth, and Nawuth's oldest sister Chanya, and works in a military hospital in Pursat.
  5. Also, it possesses dual quality of translucent to cleavage and distinct rhombohedral cleavage with hackly fracture, on the other side spherulitic grains are conchoidal.
  6. It's difficult to find hackly in a sentence.
  7. Eventually the Khmer Rouge invade Battambang and Nawuth is forced to flee with his brothers ( Hackly, Bunna, and Chanty ); Chantha; and Chantha's fiance ( Van Lan ).

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