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  1. This will raise the hackles of every one of our businesses.
  2. Such a law would also raise constitutional hackles, said Baran.
  3. The couple raise hackles within the movement as often as outside.
  4. There are several provisions that might raise hackles in corporate America.
  5. That could cause raise U . S . hackles, however.
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  7. He also raised hackles in decisions that overturned significant estate rulings.
  8. In fact, he is willing to raise hackles wherever necessary.
  9. hackles of her less creative neighbors in an upscale bedroom community outside
  10. But it was the claim of cannibalism that raised hackles Tuesday.
  11. What does raise hackles is the abysmal state of city services.
  12. But Rumsfeld's analogy raised the hackles of many historians.
  13. Over at Cofidis, the mere mention of Festina raised hackles.
  14. US govt records and statements is bound to get hackles up.
  15. These projects are sure to raise hackles when they appear.
  16. Statements like that raise the hackles of some NFL owners.
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