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  1. A key source for Poole's theory was Kevin Hackie.
  2. This is a question I ask Hackie Reitman every year or two.
  3. Hackie seeks at least $ 5 million from each defendant.
  4. Hackie doesn't do it for the money.
  5. Hackie took full blame for filing a false declaration.
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  7. Hackie had implicated Suge Knight and David Mack.
  8. Hackie remembers a kinder, gentler McNeeley.
  9. His orthopedic surgeon was Dr . Hackie Reitman, a part-time boxer from Fort Lauderdale.
  10. Hackie had implicated Suge Knight and David Mack along with supposed crooked cops in the murder of Biggie.
  11. They curse too much, make up silly nicknames for each other and play a fierce game of hackie sack.
  12. He visits Groovy Grove Natural Farm, where he joins Seth and Munchie in their game of hackie-sack.
  13. There are many who, on first hearing the story of Hackie Reitman, think his name should be Wacky Reitman.
  14. Hackie also claimed to have knowledge of involvement between Suge Knight and David Mack as well as other alleged crooked cops.
  15. Hackie was a Compton police officer who also worked as a bodyguard for Death Row Records founder Marion " Suge"
  16. The suit said Rolling Stone published Hackie's picture and implied he told police Knight was involved in Smalls'murder.
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