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  1. Political hackery against the courts is not without precedent, of course.
  2. Political hackery, circa 1999, is becoming gender neutral.
  3. Enter the Clinton administration and its political hackery.
  4. What you do is partisan hackery ."
  5. This page is very suss and likely just blatant advertising for snake oil type hackery.
  6. It's difficult to find hackery in a sentence.
  7. Bending the language's natural grammar into SLR grammar form requires more compromises and grammar hackery.
  8. MGM, sensing an opportunity to turn hackery into flackery, decided to maintain the site in its altered form.
  9. To be sure, some readers may find little need to sign onto the Internet to get their fill of hackery.
  10. But Adams has a history of making scattershot records : 50 percent brilliant, 25 percent okay, and 25 percent hackery.
  11. And Muschamp worries that New York's Uniform Bulk Program would zone out architectural creativity in favor of safe " hackery ."
  12. Its characters are not engaged in high-tech identity annihilation ( " The Net " ) or complex hackery ( " Sneakers " ).
  13. Once there, we hope to infest the place with our particular brand of hackery, and then disabuse new co-workers of the belief that reading books is a good thing.
  14. For sheer spectacle, it was outdone by the Fox News Channel's ull, desultory, pro forma hackery, with Walters lobbing softballs and Hillary peppering them about the infield.
  15. It has the faceless hackery of a Richard Donner movie and, like those films, it feels way too long . ( At nearly two hours and 20 minutes, it is too long .)
  16. By way of a quick summary, " Crossfire " invited Stewart on to talk about his book, he strayed off-script to accuse them of lowering political discourse by engaging in partisan hackery.
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