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  1. But some hackers are wondering just whose side Geffen is on.
  2. But it's hard to keep a good hacker down.
  3. It would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite hacker.
  4. There is no real indication that hackers are going crazy yet.
  5. And guess what the next story is about _ Internet hackers.
  6. It's difficult to find hacker in a sentence.
  7. This is where the hacker needs more than a sharp blade.
  8. "Hackers " is misrated at PG-13.
  9. Andrew Hacker, author of " Two Nations ":
  10. Hill hopes the punishment given to Geiger will deter future hackers.
  11. Next it's time to hang out with some hackers.
  12. Hackers may call a company employee and reach their voice mail.
  13. Kevin Mitnick was a computer hacker before there were personal computers.
  14. He is disappointed to see hackers straying from'60s ideals.
  15. Both browsers offer software that protects credit card transactions from hackers.
  16. Now they must contend with pushy headhunters as well as hackers.
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