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  1. Major food plants : Willow, elm, hackberry, cottonwood.
  2. Hackberry cemetery has seven generations of Grigg family members buried there.
  3. The larvae feed on apple, hackberry, hazel and oak.
  4. Common species include white oak, hackberry, and red maple.
  5. Prospector Jim Music helped develop the Hackberry Silver Mine in 1875.
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  7. The mine closed; Hackberry briefly almost became a ghost town.
  8. Hackberry Road would not even be given an off-ramp.
  9. The credo of the Hackberry Ramblers is the KISS principle,
  10. Mourning cloak caterpillars like willow trees, cottonwood and hackberry.
  11. Hackberry Park is located at 7777 S . Dairy Ashford.
  12. There are also provincially rare plants, including stands of hackberry trees.
  13. Duhon formed the Hackberry Ramblers along with fiddler Luderin Darbone in 1933.
  14. Members of the Grigg family have lived in Hackberry since the 1890s.
  15. Sugarberry mixed with hackberry supplies the lumber known as hackberry.
  16. Sugarberry mixed with hackberry supplies the lumber known as hackberry.
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