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  1. Hacienda Santa Barbara Business Center . ( See : NI COLOM)
  2. Pagan said while standing in the rain, surveying his hacienda.
  3. For in the hacienda the words of Don Pepe were law.
  4. Rustic haciendas and convents dot the outlying areas to the east.
  5. Haciendas in Puerto Rico developed during the time of Spanish colonization.
  6. It's difficult to find hacienda in a sentence.
  7. The hacienda was declared a mayorazgo by the Spanish colonial government.
  8. It is a hotel and Hernan Cortez's hacienda too.
  9. The property was and still is, known as Hacienda Calauan.
  10. :The entire chapter of eleven pages is on the Hacienda?
  11. They were forced to make a defence in a nearby hacienda.
  12. He also has recently written and produced for the Hacienda Brothers.
  13. The ruins are all within a 19th-century Hacienda henequenera.
  14. Hacienda Buena Vista is today a well-known educational destination.
  15. The Vives family hacienda lands were also ideal for coffee production.
  16. Gonz醠ez was assassinated in his hacienda La Asunci髇 in May 1834.
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