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  1. Habituation most likely played a role in this unusual coyote behavior.
  2. Winston is getting help from a technique called habituation therapy.
  3. Habituation was observed when the stimulus was delivered repeatedly to the siphon.
  4. Some related phenomena to habituation include sensitization and stimulus generalization / discrimination.
  5. Habituation has been shown in essentially every species of animal.
  6. It's difficult to find habituation in a sentence.
  7. The two distinct processes are a habituation process and a sensitization process.
  8. When ISI is short and constant, habituation will happen more rapidly.
  9. Habituation affects the ability to distinguish odors after continuous exposure.
  10. They are : classical conditioning, habituation and exposure learning.
  11. That habituation operates on a human nature innately prepared to respond to training.
  12. But habituation is much more ubiquitous even in humans.
  13. Habituation procedures are used by researchers for many reasons.
  14. Habituation and sensitisation are two simple, but widespread, forms of learning.
  15. Infants see the pairing that was used in habituation.
  16. Essentially, the stimulus is presented until habituation occurs.
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