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  1. Merchants said that habitual criminals circumvent video cameras by wearing hoods.
  2. He got federal money to start a habitual criminal prosecution program.
  3. Not born liar, or habitual liar, or inveterate liar.
  4. Since then, Italian politics has reverted to its habitual shambles.
  5. Even before the shootout, authorities considered Brown a habitual criminal.
  6. It's difficult to find habitual in a sentence.
  7. Esto es una creacion de personas de una manera no habitual.
  8. "It's habitual, " she said.
  9. Often, we stuff ourselves into habitual ways of doing things.
  10. I became a chronic and habitual liar to hide my addiction.
  11. You are stepping beyond the comfort of habitual patterns of perception.
  12. His license was revoked for several years for habitual traffic violations.
  13. The peculiarities of her settings reorient the dancers'habitual responses.
  14. Habitual drug users, they died 16 months apart from AIDS.
  15. This memory is deep, focused and based on habitual recitation.
  16. Evans has served time in state prison as a habitual offender.
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