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  1. Point Reyes is the perfect mix of wilderness and human habitation.
  2. The famous Martian canals were cited as evidence of this habitation.
  3. So crows may be just snuggling up to toasty human habitations.
  4. The eruption rendered half of the British protectorate unfit for habitation.
  5. In addition, Maastricht can claim uninterrupted habitation since Roman times.
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  7. Tyrol illustrates most clearly the relationship between Alpine geography and habitation.
  8. Hobo spiders sometimes build their webs in or around human habitations.
  9. Exploratory excavations in the early 1960s revealed no evidence of habitation.
  10. The planting of people and habitations in strange and unknown lands.
  11. Human habitation and the mosquitoes environments were then very closely connected.
  12. Enzweiler boasts traces of human habitation going back to Roman times.
  13. There is little evidence of any other habitation at that time.
  14. Once it became too aged for habitation it would sink itself.
  15. Human habitation in the Caucasus goes back to the remotest antiquity.
  16. Atlit shows evidence of human habitation since the early Bronze Age.
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