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  1. As it happens, the land is prime duck nesting habitat.
  2. Natural Habitat Adventures is organizer of the 15-day cruise.
  3. They are working to enhance spawning habitat in four tributary rivers.
  4. The Oxbo Road Habitat homes are part of the grand scheme.
  5. Demographics, habitat and social behavior might all play a part,
  6. It's difficult to find habitat in a sentence.
  7. A minority would be refugees from endangered habitats, he said.
  8. That is why they should return to their native habitat immediately.
  9. Actors Ali McGraw and Levar Burton joined Habitat volunteers this week.
  10. It has restricted uses of private property to protect this habitat.
  11. The bill doesn't consider habitat damage harmful to species.
  12. There are very few human hazards and incredible amounts of habitat.
  13. But their numbers declined with the loss of habitat and prey.
  14. The most desirable habitat is a multibillion-dollar Superfund site.
  15. Howell determined the building and surrounding area were perfect bat habitat.
  16. The old growth provides important habitat for wildlife, say scientists.
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