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  1. Good financial habits are best learned when you're young.
  2. Eating habits as well are " real important,"
  3. I am just going to have to change my work habits.
  4. "We're all creatures of habit,"
  5. That habit trailed them and found focus in the Whitewater scandal.
  6. It's difficult to find habit in a sentence.
  7. We need to develop better work habits, better practice habits.
  8. We need to develop better work habits, better practice habits.
  9. Metro Atlantans appear to understand the connection between habits and costs.
  10. What about the tired bugaboo, his weight-room habits?
  11. It forces you to get rid of bad habits like grabbing.
  12. She had a habit of ducking her head at unpleasant confrontations.
  13. Putting off getting into shape is a hard habit to break.
  14. Spraying behavior can sometimes be confused with improper litter box habits.
  15. "It's like a habit now ."
  16. Despite disparate paychecks, they have similar money attitudes and habits.
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