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  1. Here he habilitated in general pathology and pathological anatomy in 1921.
  2. Among the academic staff are 43 professors and 54 habilitated doctors.
  3. In 1980, he habilitated in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory.
  4. Zagareli habilitated at age 27 at the Saint Petersburg State University.
  5. He studied chemistry until 1959 in habilitated in 1969 in biochemistry.
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  7. Friedrich Schumann habilitated in 1892 with Georg Elias M黮ler in G鰐tingen.
  8. He habilitated 1889 for geography and geophysics with the collected scientific evidence.
  9. In 1994 he was habilitated at the University of Bonn.
  10. He habilitated in 1970 and became associate professor in 1973.
  11. In 1907, he was awarded a habilitated in history of literature.
  12. He habilitated there in 1992 as Associate Professor of Sociology.
  13. In 1970 he habilitated on Ram髇 G髆ez de la Serna.
  14. He was habilitated in 1910 and in 1918 was appointed professor of hygiene.
  15. In 2003, he habilitated in Computational Science at the University of Z黵ich.
  16. In 1932, he habilitated at Technical University Karlsruhe.
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