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  1. An application for a writ of habeas corpus was denied in 2000.
  2. And it had the effect of undermining Senate supporters of habeas corpus.
  3. It has diluted the habeas corpus right, and other rights, of immigrants.
  4. The local judge anticipated a successful habeas corpus lawsuit against the tactic.
  5. The result of this case has seen many habeas corpus cases refiled.
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  7. Al Mudwani had a writ of habeas corpus filed on his behalf.
  8. He was legally exonerated through a state habeas corpus proceeding in 1950.
  9. -- Limit the number of death penalty appeals, known as habeas corpus.
  10. Habeas corpus is the determination of whether a person's detention is lawful.
  11. Before 26 June 1656 he had been set free by habeas corpus.
  12. All pending habeas corpus cases at the federal district court were stayed.
  13. But Habeas Corpus means " you are to have the body ."
  14. Habeas corpus petitions have freed 54 people on death row since 1976.
  15. This was the last ever recorded suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act.
  16. And at least 10 INS detainees have filed habeas corpus proceedings.
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