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  1. CHUCHO VALDES / " Bele Bele en la Habana"
  2. The city's eclectic architectural sights begins in Centro Habana.
  3. The Habana Caf?has a nightly floor show and live music.
  4. His team finished in second place, two games behind Habana.
  5. Another 12 including Farleigh, Habana, Finch Hatton started operations.
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  7. The Sastreria Habana garment works wants help to reactivate its clothing production.
  8. Alli llegaba mucho la musica de La Habana, Cuba.
  9. La-Habana-arranca-foro-Caricom AP MEXICO
  10. La-Habana-renuevan-cubanos-asamblea AFP MEXICO
  11. The most severely affected provinces were Pinar del R韔 and La Habana.
  12. Prior to 1976, the island was part of La Habana Province.
  13. He died in December 2008 in La Habana, Cuba.
  14. He was born in Havana, Ciudad de la Habana.
  15. The arrest took place in the parking lot of The Habana Inn.
  16. Habana went on to repeat its championship in 1879 80.
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