habana province in a sentence

  1. Prior to 1976, the island was part of La Habana Province.
  2. With the split of the La Habana Province in 2010, this municipality belongs currently to Mayabeque Province.
  3. Current " El Habanero " was created in 1987 as the official newspaper of the La Habana province ( 19 municipalities surrounding Havana city ).
  4. "' Rub閚 Mart韓ez Villena "'was a revolutionary leader, born on December 20, 1899 in Alqu韟ar, in the La Habana province.
  5. This team disappeared in 2011, since La Habana province was divided in two new provinces Mayabeque with their respective baseball teams : Artemisa Cazadores ( Hunters ) and Mayabeque Huracanes ( Hurricanes)
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  7. Havana city borders are contiguous with the Mayabeque Province on the south and east and to Artemisa Province on the west, since former La Habana Province ( rural ) was abolished in 2010.
  8. It was its own municipality ( administering an area of ) of the Matanzas Province until 1976, when its territories were re-distributed to the Santa Cruz del Norte municipality of the La Habana Province.
  9. For example, the article for the city is at "'Havana "', but the article for the province surrounding the city is at "'La Habana Province " '.
  10. "' Artemisa Province "'is one of the two new provinces created from the former La Habana Province, whose creation was approved by the Cuban National Assembly on August 1, 2010, the other being Mayabeque Province.
  11. Starting from 2011 with the segmentation of La Habana Province into Mayabeque provinces, the printed version of " El Habanero " was closed and new newspapers were created : " El Artemise駉 " and " Mayabeque ", for each separate province.

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