habana libre in a sentence

  1. Primer Sal髇 Nacional de Peque駉 Formato, Sal髇 Lalo Carrasco, Hotel Habana Libre.
  2. Sala Tespis, Hotel Habana Libre, Havana.
  3. It was placed in their Tryp division of urban hotels and renamed "'Hotel Tryp Habana Libre " '.
  4. In February 1998, the Trinidad brand was released for public consumption at an opening ceremony in the Habana Libre Hotel in Havana.
  5. We learn Fidel Castro spent the first three months of the revolution in our hotel, the Habana Libre Tryp, in Suite 2324.
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  7. "' Hotel Tryp Habana Libre "'is one of the larger hotels in Cuba, situated in Vedado, Havana.
  8. Prensa Latina said ALAS officials traveled to Havana for the Wednesday inauguration, which including the opening of a second office Habana Libre, a leading Cuban hotel.
  9. In 1956 and 1957, they toured Venezuela, Jamaica, Haiti, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and the United States, where the group played at the Habana Libre.
  10. Dweck standing with " Giselle and Rachel " and " Legs " during an exhibit of " Habana Libre " at Miami Beach's Art Basel in December 2012
  11. CBS's offices at the hotel Habana Libre were abuzz as producers scrambled to figure out who was staying and who was leaving, but already there seemed to be much fewer people.
  12. I also gawk at the Habana Libre's first-floor restaurant, where Castro escaped one of many assassination attempts when a cyanide capsule intended for his chocolate milkshake broke in the freezer.
  13. It explains why you see so many handmade parabolic antennas-- commonly called " Cuba's national flower "-- on tenements near the massive, tourist-only Habana Libre.
  14. At the Hotel Habana Libre, Dan Rather and his CBS News team are already ensconced on the 16th floor, while Ted Koppel and the " Nightline " staff are down on the 12th.
  15. Sal髇 Lalo Carrasco " at the Hotel Habana Libre in Havana and in 1985 at the " 27th Annual Hortt Memorial Exhibition " held at the Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  16. "Everybody just left, " said Lissette Fernandez, an editor with Spanish-language CBS Telenoticias, who noted the Habana Libre hotel that had been packed with journalists did not seem as busy Thursday.
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