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  1. The fifth was an Albert van der Haar own-goal.
  2. Note the Fourier transform depends on the choice of Haar measure.
  3. This gives a Haar measures on a locally compact Hausdorff group.
  4. Haar described the outcome as " a win-win ".
  5. The fifth was an Albert van der Haar own goal.
  6. It's difficult to find haar in a sentence.
  7. where the integral is relative to Haar measure \ mu on G.
  8. Since the Haar measure is normalized, this inner product is unique.
  9. Kalm醨 began his career as a research assistant to Haar and Riesz.
  10. Architects Paul Martineau and Eric Haar modeled the bridge on Parisian style.
  11. Thus all connected Lie groups are ?-finite under Haar measure.
  12. Jill will marry Haar if they have an " A " support.
  13. For this reason rotated Haar-like features are not commonly used.
  14. Born of Dutch migrants, Vander Haar was educated at Whitefriars College.
  15. Ter Haar uses the Philippines as an example that resistance was possible.
  16. Volgens haar zijn dat sinds 1933 de aanduiding voor een soort laarzen.
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