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  1. Another " Far Haaf " was built and launched in 1993.
  2. Dietmar Haaf of Germany was third at 8.08.
  3. Jochum ten Haaf is the painter, Clare Higgins his English landlady.
  4. "Haaf, " he spelled out.
  5. Other traditional methods of salmon fishing using " haaf nets " have also declined.
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  7. These include to the north : Daaey; Haaf Gruney; Sound Gruney; Urie Lingey and Linga
  8. It's a reality tinged with quiet resignation that Higgins and ten Haaf handle with the utmost delicacy.
  9. "Inflation risks in Germany are quite clearly limited, " said Tim Haaf, an economist at DG Bank.
  10. In the 18th century, two girls from Uyea in Shetland rowed to Haaf Gruney to milk some of the cows grazing there.
  11. In 1745, two girls from Uyea rowed to the small island of Haaf Gruney to milk some of the cows grazing here.
  12. Joseph Haaf became VP of Sales and Marketing, Carl Calabria was VP of engineering, Cathleen Asch was VP of Administration and Accounting.
  13. These are mostly fishermen's huts, and the remains of a haaf fishing station, so that fishermen could shelter from bad weather.
  14. He found employment in radio and television, working with the directors Lietzau, Beauvais, D黦gelin, Schlechte, Westphal, and ten Haaf.
  15. Haaf acknowledges that her parents generation were more proactively political, and states that she wishes those of her own generation were the same way.
  16. It will come to the United States under auspices of Lincoln Center Theater, probably with its two London leads : Claire Higgins and Jochem ten Haaf.
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