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  1. Soldier Field in Chicago has averaged three more patrons than capacity.
  2. If last night was any indication, Argentina has become pedestrian.
  3. He has betrayed his team, his country and his people.
  4. Jacobson has a well-paying, high-powered job.
  5. Money to pay for the GATT has still not been found.
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  7. Who has bigger stars, Anna Sui or Mizrahi or Manolo?
  8. It has a new interactive, animated tutorial to help beginners.
  9. Let cake stay in pan until topping has thoroughly soaked in.
  10. Instead, he has said the nation faces an insurance crisis.
  11. Foreign Minister Mate Granic of Croatia has endorsed the proposed map.
  12. Bakker has been sensitized to their problems, the lawyer said.
  13. Even though cable has given bad consumer service a new name,
  14. He has exposed unsafe blood banks, bottled water and pacemakers.
  15. He has championed civil rights bills and blocked gun control measures.
  16. "It has no impact, " he said.
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