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  1. H Hour was at 0300hrs on 24 February 1991 : ( G Day ).
  2. Scheduled to land at Fox Green sector of Omaha Beach at H + 90 after firing artillery from 8000 yards off Colleville-sur-Mer in support of the 16th Regimental Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division prior to H hour.
  3. These field regiments, while still seaborne, were to fire heavy concentrations of high explosive and smoke shells against the four main " resistance nests " in " Mike " and " Nan " sectors, beginning half an hour before H Hour.
  4. Focusing on the given paragraph ONLY . . . We assume that equal amounts ( L ) of paint in litres are required no matter whether paint A or paint B is used and that if H hours are needed for paint A, then 4H / 3 hours are needed for paint B.
  5. It's difficult to find h hour in a sentence.

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