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  1. Clearly, the queen of gymnastics can see her new kingdom.
  2. Miller's recent record has given the gymnastics community pause.
  3. Many were amazed at the gymnastic pirouettes the pros pulled off.
  4. Gymnastics has been a women's sport in name only.
  5. Of the 10 most-requested tickets, half involved gymnastics.
  6. It's difficult to find gymnastic in a sentence.
  7. TV loves gymnastics and has helped make it what it is.
  8. If they introduce mental gymnastics to the program, look out.
  9. The gymnastic clock has started; time to get studying ..
  10. Attendance surges after gymnastics is shown on TV or performed locally.
  11. With Chan, the high comes from watching his spectacular gymnastics.
  12. After hitting the diving board, I thought gymnastics looked safer,
  13. They are dinosaurs, by most latter-day gymnastics standards.
  14. The frenetic pace of gymnastics coach Mark " Stormy"
  15. It should be " little girls'gymnastics ."
  16. But Shcherbo would need Irina to bring him back to gymnastics.
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