guyed mast in a sentence

  1. It was replaced by a guyed mast radiator of same height.
  2. Orenburg TV Tower is a guyed mast of unusual design.
  3. The antenna tower is a 267 metre tall guyed mast.
  4. Modern lattice towers and guyed masts are also commonly assembled of prefabricated elements.
  5. Malherbes Station Transmitter ( guyed mast ) in Curepipe is 97 m tall.
  6. It's difficult to find guyed mast in a sentence.
  7. The station uses as antenna two guyed mast radiators, situated at and.
  8. A T-aerial is used, which is strung between two guyed masts.
  9. It uses a directional antenna consisting of 4 guyed masts, insulated against ground.
  10. Guyed masts are frequently used for ground.
  11. Guyed masts are sometimes also used for meteorological measurements at certain heights above ground level.
  12. This is because of incomplete information regarding the height and number of demolished guyed masts.
  13. It has at least 3 guyed masts.
  14. It uses a 193 metres tall guyed mast radiator-the tallest structure in Cyprus.
  15. Chorgwica transmitter uses as antenna tower a 286 metre tall guyed mast, built in 1962.
  16. It uses a system of four guyed masts each 217 metres tall, as the antenna system.
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