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  1. We thought the Hutu were the good guys and the victims.
  2. When the guy fired me in Philly, that was ridiculous.
  3. I get a big kick out of seeing other guys score,
  4. "Two guys didn't make it,"
  5. He'd look at a guy and get the feeling.
  6. It's difficult to find guy in a sentence.
  7. Leonardo nearly kills a guy and gets ejected from four games.
  8. These guys were not rounded up in a park in Sofia.
  9. For some of these guys, incarceration is the only solution,
  10. Of course, I can see the guy inside, too.
  11. I want to be a part of something with these guys.
  12. You old guys just ain't with it ."
  13. "He's played against big guys,"
  14. But at least these guys are trying to portray the truth.
  15. Their bullpen was good because each guy is a little different.
  16. "He's a pretty unique guy,"
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