guy fisher in a sentence

  1. Terms of the settlement are confidential, said plaintiffs'attorney Guy Fisher.
  2. Breathe disbanded in 2001 when drummer Guy Fisher decided to leave the band.
  3. Fisher is also son to the infamous Guy Fisher who once owned the Apollo.
  4. Plaintiffs'attorney Guy Fisher disputed that claim, saying under Massachusetts law Norton bought the liability as well.
  5. Fisher's life was the subject of a 45-minute documentary entitled " The Guy Fisher Story"
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  7. This guy Fisher, I don't know nothing about him, but I don't think he should be in there.
  8. In 2016 he wrote, directed and produced the short film, " " Angel Of Light " " and the documentary " Commutation For Guy Fisher ".
  9. According to Leroy Barnes, while in prison he discovered that his assets were not being taken care of, The Council stopped paying his attorneys'fees, and one of his fellow council members, Guy Fisher, was having an affair with his mistress / girlfriend.
  10. He is survived by his second wife, Jean MacKay Fisher, whom he married in 1978; six children : Amanda, Elizabeth, Julia, Robert, Adam and Simon; three sisters, Sydney Duder, Claire Kerrigan and Martha Hallward; a brother, Guy Fisher; and 17 grandchildren.

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