guy aldred in a sentence

  1. He helped Guy Aldred, founder of the Glasgow Anarchist Group.
  2. In London he encountered the anarchist Guy Aldred ( 1886 1963 ), while working as a baker.
  3. Among its contributors were Rebecca West, H . G . Wells, Edward Carpenter, and Guy Aldred.
  4. Guy Aldred, a well-known local anarcho-communist standing on an abstentionist platform, completed the candidates.
  5. The same year, Turner, along with Guy Aldred and others, formed the Industrial Union of Direct Action.
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  7. Here Rogers was influenced by Guy Aldred and became involved in the free speech agitation in defence of tramp preachers.
  8. Guy Aldred wrote an article in the " King George V to Paris to set a final seal on the Entente Cordiale.
  9. Guy Aldred, a well known local anarcho-communist stood for his United Socialist Movement on an abstentionist anti-Parliamentary platform.
  10. She worked alongside Guy Aldred and single-handedly ran " The Spur " during his imprisonment for resisting conscription during the First World War.
  11. Guy Aldred, the boy preacher was an active propagandist for the " Band of Hope ", before focussing his activities on Anarchist-Communist politics.
  12. In 1909 Guy Aldred was sentenced to twelve months hard labour for printing the August issue of The Indian Sociologist, an Indian nationalist newspaper edited by Shyamji Krishnavarma.
  13. Soon there was a dispute with Guy Aldred and the Glasgow Communist Group, who had suspended their support for the Third International on account of their avowed revolutionary parliamentarianism.
  14. He befriended Guy Aldred, the " Boy Preacher " in Holloway, in 1903, a friendship that would last through conversation and correspondence until Voysey's death.
  15. The latter was subsequently published, in an abridged form, as " Come Dungeons Dark : The Life and Times of Guy Aldred, Glasgow Anarchist ".
  16. Witcop was a member of the anarchist Jubilee Street Club-her sister Milly ( Witkop ) was the partner of Rudolf Rocker-and it was there she met Guy Aldred.
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