guy adams in a sentence

  1. They made Guy Adams into a viable candidate by their conduct.
  2. Guy Adams is upset that Lone Star's top
  3. Guy Adams readily admits he's never been in the restaurant business.
  4. The obvious message in Calpers'and Amalgamated's support for Guy Adams may not be lost on Lone Star's directors.
  5. But Los Angeles investor Guy Adams said it would have been foolish for Fiorina to declare victory and then be proven wrong in the end.
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  7. A statement from Lone Star said the preliminary vote between Chief Executive Jamie Coulter and shareholder Guy Adams indicated " no clear winner ."
  8. Guy Adams, an independent financial analyst and small investor, wrested a board seat at the company from its chairman and founder, Jamie Coulter.
  9. A shootout is coming Friday to Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon Inc . Stockholder Guy Adams and his posse are gunning for Chairman Jamie Coulter.
  10. In a statement, Coulter said he " welcomes Guy Adams to the board and looks forward to working with him in the future ."
  11. "It doesn't have to be Guy Adams; it could be anybody, " said Pacheco, who added that Calpers will vote for Adams.
  12. The program is called The Power of 10, and it's been made popular by a book of the same name written by fitness-guy Adam Zickerman.
  13. "Sherlock : The Casebook ", a companion book to the series written by Guy Adams, was published by BBC Books in the United Kingdom in October 2012.
  14. But the county prosecutor, Guy Adam Gray, who wants to seek the death penalty in the case, said the killing may not qualify as a capital crime under Texas law.
  15. "' Bryan Guy Adams "', ( born 5 November 1959 ) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer, guitarist, photographer, philanthropist and activist.
  16. "We are pleased that it appears shareholders have elected Guy Adams to the board, " said a statement issued by the California Public Employees Retirement System, a large shareholder.
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