guy accoceberry in a sentence

  1. Reserves _ Christian Califano, Marc de Rougemont, Laurent Cabannes, Guy Accoceberry, Franck Mesnel, Sebastien Viars.
  2. The two major changes were replacements for Philippe Benetton and Guy Accoceberry, who both broke their arms against Scotland.
  3. Scrumhalf Guy Accoceberry, fullback Sebastien Viars, right wing William Techoueyres and Saint-Andre also carried the ball over.
  4. FRANCE-Jean-Luc Sadourny, Laurent Leflammand, Richard Dourthe, Stephane Glas, David Venditti, Christophe LaMaison, Guy Accoceberry,
  5. Reserves : Guy Accoceberry, Sebastien Viers, Richard Castel, Hugues Miorin, Pierre Triep-Capdeville, Raphael Ibanez . ( aap djp)
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  7. He switched the move inside and the ball went via scrum half Guy Accoceberry and Laurent Cabannes to Viars who sprinted 30 yards to the line.
  8. Star No . 8 Philippe Benetton broke his right arm in an 18th minute, and scrumhalf Guy Accoceberry fractured his left arm 15 minutes later.
  9. They have been replaced by David Aucagne, who has played only 50 minutes of international rugby, and Guy Accoceberry, recalled at scrum half.
  10. Galthie, who plays for Colomiers, was called up only two weeks ago when scrumhalf Guy Accoceberry broke his arm in the bruising Pool D decider against Scotland.
  11. Scrumhalf Guy Accoceberry, who suffered a broken left arm in the same match, will likely be replaced by Fabien Galthie, who is in South Africa for the tournament.
  12. Prop forward Michel Perie, second row Olivier Merle, scrum half Philippe Carbonneau and center Alain Penaud have been replaced by Franck Tournaire, Richard Castel, Guy Accoceberry and Olivier Campan.
  13. Scrumhalf Guy Accoceberry and No . 8 Philippe Benetton, who broke their arms in the Scottish match, will be replaced by the substitutes who finished that game, Aubin Hueber and Marc Cecillon.
  14. Lacroix scored two tries and added two penalties and two conversions for France, which received other tries from Abdelatif Benazzi, Guy Accoceberry, Sebastien Viars, Philippe Saint-Andre, William Techoueyres and Arnaud Costes.
  15. It will be their first pairing at test level, though Galthie _ called into the French squad as a replacement for the injured Guy Accoceberry _ played in all of France's World Cup matches four years ago.
  16. Backs : Jean-Luc Sadourny, Sebastian Viars, Emile Ntamack, Philippe Saint-Andre, Philippe Sella, Thierry Lacroix, Franck Mesnel, William Techoueyres, Christophe Deylaud, Yann Delaigue, Guy Accoceberry, Aubin Hueber.
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