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  1. He later formed several other groups including the Guvnors and the Sidewinders.
  2. Fair cop guvnor, the page as it was before was absolutely appalling.
  3. He claimed " The King meets The Guvnor.
  4. Arnold thanks Barry in the sleeve notes, referring to him as " the Guvnor ".
  5. Banks then toured with the theatre production " One Man, Two Guvnors " from 2014 until 2015.
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  7. In 2014 Turner directed his first feature'The Guvnors'( Metrodome ) which won two National Film Awards.
  8. Rooper was seen on-stage in " One Man, Two Guvnors ", which was favourably reviewed.
  9. The third season of broadcasts launched on 15 September 2011 with " One Man, Two Guvnors " with James Corden.
  10. During 2014, Barton played Dolly in the National Theatre's touring production of " One Man, Two Guvnors ".
  11. Starting in June 2011, Corden played the lead role in the hit comedy play " One Man, Two Guvnors ".
  12. In 2011, Richard Bean adapted the play for the National Theatre of Great Britain as " One Man, Two Guvnors ".
  13. Colyer was ( and still is ) revered by devotees of New Orleans jazz, among whom he was often known as " The Guvnor ".
  14. Alexander-Sule also appeared as a gang leader in the 2014 thriller " The Guvnors ", set in south-east London.
  15. "One Man, Two Guvnors " returned to cinema screens in the United States, Canada and Australia for a limited season in Spring 2012.
  16. She has appeared in " One Man, Two Guvnors " at the Adelphi Theatre in London, which also enjoyed a successful run on Broadway.
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