guvera in a sentence

  1. Tesco sold the service to Guvera in January 2015.
  2. In January 2015 Guvera acquired Blinkbox Music from Tesco.
  3. Guvera is available on web browsers, iOS, Android and the Windows Phone.
  4. On August 2011, Guvera appointed Phil Quartararo as its Global Head of Music.
  5. In January 2010, the company launched its legal music streaming and download service Guvera.
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  7. As of 2015 Blinkbox music is now in Administration after being bought by the Australian company Guvera
  8. Guvera was ranked by Billboard Magazine as one of the Best Digital Music Startups of 2010.
  9. In October 2015 the former employees of Blinkbox Music filed a ?0m class action lawsuit against Guvera.
  10. The first TV ad for Guvera ran in 2011 featuring Rihanna, offering free downloads for fans.
  11. In 2008 Loberg, Brad Christiansen and Darren Herft set up Guvera Limited in Robina, Australia.
  12. In October 2015, the former employees of Blinkbox Music filed a ?0m class action lawsuit against Guvera.
  13. Loberg's company Guvera, launched in India in 2014, at an event in Mumbai as reported in Billboard.
  14. Guvera has agreements with the music labels in the regions where the product is available, which allows for legal free music streams.
  15. "' Guvera "'[ Closed to USA market 2016 ] is an online music and entertainment streaming service founded in 2008.
  16. It is inspired from the 2004 movie " The Motorcycle diaries ", based on the early life and travels of Che Guvera.
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