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  1. Navy commander Adm . Guven Erkaya told a news conference Wednesday.
  2. Guven said authorities were not ruling out the possibility of sabotage.
  3. Aydin Guven Gurkan, 54, labor and social security;
  4. Bursa Governor Fuat Guven said authorities were investigating the cause of the accident.
  5. Dr . Hakan Guven told The Associated Press.
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  7. Guven was convicted of violating the law even though she is pro-secular.
  8. It was not clear when the flow of oil could resume, said Guven.
  9. Guven did not attend the hearing Wednesday.
  10. Its creator and writer is Birol Guven.
  11. Onlookers clapped when rescue teams pulled Murat Guven from the rubble 17 hours after the collapse.
  12. Adm . Guven Erkaya, commander of the Turkish navy, recently told the Istanbul newspaper Milliyet.
  13. She is a dwarf athlete of Ankara Guven Spor, where she is coached by Mustafa Doan.
  14. Members of the independent Turkish Human Rights Association went to Aydin in a show of support for Guven.
  15. Ismail Guven, deputy director of the Turkish police's terrorism section, said through an interpreter.
  16. Dr . Eda Guven enraged local officials when she reported that detainees brought to her for treatment had been tortured.
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