growth in a sentence

"growth" meaning  "growth" in Chinese  
  1. If we have a problem today, the problem is growth,
  2. The growth of mutual fund assets has been even more rapid.
  3. Getting to the next stage will require growth in the budget,
  4. With 5 percent growth or less, we could fund that.
  5. Mandela has adopted a sober, growth-oriented economic policy.
  6. It's difficult to find growth in a sentence.
  7. First quarter growth this year was only 0.5 percent.
  8. Revenue growth is accelerating for the group and margins are stabilizing,
  9. Growth has come in construction and service industries, officials said.
  10. It was a time of growth for both husband and wife.
  11. And just how much growth has there been in the group?
  12. Tucci said that services was a key growth business for Wang.
  13. The loss of benefits is fueling the growth of supplemental plans.
  14. Next year's growth could exceed even that torrid pace.
  15. Reports came out on strong economic growth and lower unemployment claims.
  16. When Wall Street loves you, growth can be almost unlimited.
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