grout saw in a sentence

  1. So grit your teeth, get out the grout saw and get busy.
  2. -Grout saw and replacement blades, manual or electric
  3. If you use a manual grout saw, about $ 35 for all materials and tools.
  4. A grout saw has a short carbide-tipped blade designed to rake out the old grout.
  5. Remove the grout with a manual grout saw or an electric one, which hastens a time-consuming chore.
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  7. This can be a tedious job, but using the proper tool, a grout saw, can make it easier.
  8. The most tedious part of the job is cutting out the old grout and for this you will need a hand tool called a grout saw.
  9. A : Use a grout saw ( sold in most hardware stores ) to cut out most of the grout around the four sides of the tile.
  10. Phosphoric acid, grout, grout saws and other tiling supplies can be purchased as tile stores ( look in the Yellow Pages under " Tile, Ceramic " ) or at home centers.
  11. You can use a utility knife, a section of hacksaw blade or a grout saw ( available at home centers and ceramic tile stores ) to saw or scrape away all traces of the crumbling grout.

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