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  1. Both have a sloping internal grout curtain of clay on the water side.
  2. It took nine years ( 1938 47 ) under relative secrecy to complete the supplemental grout curtain.
  3. A grout curtain and a new concrete diaphragm wall of greater dimensions will be constructed with newer technologies.
  4. The cleared, underlying rock foundation of the dam site was reinforced with grout, called a grout curtain.
  5. A compacted impervious cutoff trench to bedrock and a grout curtain in the rock are provided for underseepage control.
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  7. The sodium carbonate in the trona accelerated setting of the grout in the original grout curtain, leaving it weak and fissured.
  8. A grout curtain was placed around and below the dam as well to prevent leakage, which consumed a large amount of cement.
  9. The Bureau planned to seal these fissures by injecting grout into the rock under high pressure to create a grout curtain in the rock.
  10. Several voids, as much as wide, were encountered below the ground surface beyond the right end of the dam and grout curtain.
  11. A two-line grout curtain reaches depths of below the foundation in the north segment of the East Dam and in the south segment.
  12. The dam's grout curtain was extended in 1970 after leakage into the power plant reached 429 gallons per minute, using asphaltic emulsion and cement grout, reducing leakage to 37 gpm.
  13. To try to prevent landfill gas migration from the site the operator should employ such methods as leachate drains with venting, low permeability geomembranes, slurry trenches, and grout curtains around the landfill site.
  14. The Six Companies completed construction of " Boulder Dam Hoover Dam " two years ahead of schedule in 1935, although it took nine years ( 1938 47 ) under relative secrecy, to fix serious leaks with a supplemental grout curtain.

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