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  1. The distance of the single - row curtain grout hole is between 1 . 4 to 1 . 8 meter , and 2 . 0 meter is suitable for the double - row curtain ; the grouting pressure generally is 1 . 0 to 1 . 5 mpa at the first three grout compartment , then grouting pressure of under the fourth control in 4 to 5 mpa ; for mast grout compartments , a water - cement ratio of 2 or 1 may used in the first grouting
  2. According to the concrete ages of different grout compartments , the concrete temperature rising process and the arching temperatures etc . , aiming at the optimization of technology and economy , the paper studies systematically the feasibility of applying different temperature control measures in different seasons and at different elevations ; and obtains characteristic parameters of arch dam temperature fields and stress fields so as to provide a basis for construction units to implement second stage cooling or third stage cooling according to particular demand at that time
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