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  1. Later the same year Grousset was sentenced to six months imprisonment.
  2. In 1946, Grousset was made a member of the Acad閙ie fran鏰ise.
  3. Grousset was born in La Marseillaise ", writing pro-revolutionary articles.
  4. Alejandro Sanz, video director Sebastien Grousset.
  5. The paper was seized, and Rochefort and Grousset were sent to prison for six months.
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  7. In an alternate account, Grousset says that the Xiongnu invaded Chinese Shanxi and besieged Taiyuan.
  8. According to Ren?Grousset, he probably helped the latter to capture Eljigidei, the chief general of G鼀黭.
  9. Two days later the same statements of Grousset and Runciman showed up in a new PHG article called A颾eg and Serkis.
  10. Some scholars believe that these works were based on manuscripts written by Grousset and rewritten by Verne at Hetzel's request.
  11. Grousset has the battle at'a fortified camp at the mouth of the Tobol to protect the approaches to Sibir '.
  12. The attribution of plot elements between Grousset's original text and Verne's work on it has not been completely defined.
  13. "' Jean Fran鏾is Paschal Grousset "'( 7 April 1844, French politician, journalist, translator and science fiction writer.
  14. I first got involved in this mess in August, when I noticed PHG was using Rene Grousset as a source for crusade articles ( ).
  15. The name " Kalmyk " is a word of khojas of Kashgaria applied the name to Oirats in the fifteenth century ( Grousset, 1970 : 506 ).
  16. Grousset states that around A . D . 155, the northern Xiongnu were " crushed and subjugated " by the Xianbei . " Thus Mongol domination succeeded Turkic ."
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