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  1. Nencini lost the lead in the third stage to Joseph Groussard.
  2. In 1963 Milan San Remo Wolfshohl and Joseph Groussard sprinted for the win.
  3. In 1953 Serge Groussard was a military parachutist.
  4. The sprint was very close and at first Wolfshohl was declared the winner but then Groussard was declared the winner.
  5. In later interviews with journalists Serge Groussard and Aaron Klein, Lalkin said that he had also expressed concern with the relevant authorities about his team's lodgings.
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  7. In Serge Groussard's " The Blood of Israel ", Issa was misidentified as Mohammed Safady, one of the Munich gunmen who actually survived the F黵stenfeldbruck gunfight.
  8. Cooley, Reeve and Groussard all place Mossad chief Zvi Zamir and Victor Cohen, one of Zamir's senior assistants, at the scene as well, but as observers only.
  9. According to several sources, including Serge Groussard and Simon Reeve, Afif claimed that his own personal reason for taking the Israelis hostage was to get his two brothers out of Israeli prisons.
  10. Georges Loustaunau-Lacau and Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, who had both supported La Cagoule, founded the Alliance network, and Colonel Groussard, of the Vichy secret services, founded the Gilbert network.
  11. Two years later, Devigny was recruited by an intelligence network of former French officers run from Geneva by Col . Georges Groussard, the former commander of the French military academy Saint-Cyr and a follower of de Gaulle.
  12. They were Lieutenants Mansion, Saint-Jacques and Corvisart and Colonel R閙y, and didn't hesitate to get in touch with the anti-Germans within the Vichy military such as Georges Loustaunau-Lacau and Georges Groussard.
  13. A major proponent of the misconceptions surrounding Dom P閞ignon came from one of his successors at the Abbey of Hautvillers, Dom Groussard, who in 1821 gave an account of Dom P閞ignon " inventing " Champagne among other exaggerated tales about the Abbey in order to garner historical importance and prestige for the church.
  14. Gutfreund, physically the largest of the hostages, was bound to a chair ( Groussard describes him as being tied up like a mummy ); the rest were lined up four apiece on the two beds in Springer and Shapira's room, and bound at the wrists and ankles and then to each other.

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