grousing in a sentence

"grousing" in Chinese  
  1. "Wilson waved me off, " groused Kopp.
  2. Soon there will be more for his critics to grouse about.
  3. Hunters speak of harvesting deer or ducks or grouse or rabbits.
  4. To my right, Jock fired and dropped a plump grouse.
  5. I found where a ruffed grouse had strutted down a log.
  6. It's difficult to find grousing in a sentence.
  7. One man groused that the change should have happened long ago.
  8. Some negotiators groused that she was " ineffectual ."
  9. Players groused, but agreed that you cannot argue with results.
  10. Another source of grousing will be the shutout of minority actors.
  11. "This happens every time, " he groused.
  12. Groused one critic : " That's a first.
  13. Similarly, some vacationers grouse at the prospect of more regulations.
  14. You might say Vancouver groused his way through the Northwest waters.
  15. He does not whine, pout, complain, or grouse.
  16. Amateurs groused that it catered too much to the avant garde.
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