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  1. Ditches and ground walls between the shores formed an extra defense line.
  2. Its ruins were cleared away after the Thirty Years'War, only ground walls remained.
  3. Its grounds wall, built around 1440, was recently restored.
  4. A linked house, however, is not a semi-detached house since no above-ground walls are shared.
  5. Workers called to the site built a ground wall around the spill and dug pits to collect the liquid, ITAR-Tass said.
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  7. In the right part of a town a site of an old settlement can be clearly traced, with huge mounds and ground walls.
  8. West of the site, more lane restrictions will go into effect to construct head walls ( below-ground walls that form the ends of each subway station ) at the future Laird, Bayview and Mt.
  9. As a hardbound novella, " Pafko at the Wall " is a piece of work that stands alone-- as alone as the Dodgers left fielder at the base of the Polo Grounds wall watching Bobby Thomson's game-winning homer sail into the lower deck on Oct . 3, 1951.

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