ground note in a sentence

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  1. Camp Seminole has a sign on its grounds noting the tree from which Pushmataha supposedly appeared.
  2. By means of computer analysis, he discovers the fundamental or ground note that underlies any given complex chord or sequence of tones.
  3. And the listener is challenged by the composer's habitually restless harmonic activity : for example, the tendency toward whiplash chord changes over a ground note.
  4. An inspection by RACQ club officials in 1962 of the state's caravan and camping grounds noted the progress through local government efforts, especially advancements by privately owned parks.
  5. There's a ground note of loneliness, and crises carry the threat of failure : the show may fold; the football game could be lost; the star hates the ingenue; the playwright will be fired if he misses the deadline; the desirable young woman has vanished _ perhaps for good.
  6. It's difficult to find ground note in a sentence.

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