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  1. UPS shifted air packages to its ground network and resumed normal operations days later.
  2. The USB ground network was managed by the Goddard Space Flight Center ( GSFC ).
  3. The design of ground networks is driven by requirements on security, reliability, and bandwidth.
  4. Other ground network support was provided by groundstations at Wallops Island, Virginia and Adelaide, Australia.
  5. FedEx is rushing to imitate the integrated air / ground network we already have in place in Europe,
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  7. The stock market crash in October 1929 wrecked the company's ambitions for an air / ground network.
  8. One must purchase a pass or credit to actually use the Card ACTIV on the underground or ground network.
  9. Commands are sent from the Mission Operations Center to the satellite via a Ground Network Element ( GNE ).
  10. How well UPS is doing will be tested next year when its competitors get their ground networks on their feet,
  11. Interestingly, one of the engineers working on the ground network supporting Sky Muster internet access, is named Brook Bailey.
  12. "Transportation companies need solid ground networks in order to compete, and Airborne doesn't have one ."
  13. And Iridium can cut the price of a call by letting a signal bounce from satellite to satellite without the cost of using ground networks.
  14. Decommissioned in 1992, all 58 cavern storage bunkers and the extensive above ground network of storage sheds and other military buildings remain in place.
  15. From the discussions, pro-life and pro-choice advocates started Common Ground Network to foster understanding and joint projects regarding the abortion issue.
  16. The expensive ground network limited the first U . S . astronauts to about 15 minutes of communication with Mission Control each time they circled the Earth.
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