ground mower in a sentence

  1. The most common subgenre of rock Ground Mower is perceived to fall into is grunge / alternative rock.
  2. Ground Mower was also the hand picked metal band to play on the Gibson Stage at Sweden Rock on June 4, 2009.
  3. Ground Mower was well known for having a unique metal edge that does not conform to the NWOSDM style that is particular to Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  4. The band's music has also garnered the attention of former Iron Maiden member Bruce Dickinson, who has been known to randomly crank up Ground Mower on his BBC 6 Music radio show.
  5. "' Ground Mower "'was a Swedish Metal band consisting of Jonta Wigstad ( guitar ), Richard B錸g ( percussion and drums ), Tomas Marklund ( bass, backing vocals ), and Magnus Arnar ( lead vocals ).
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  7. Though Sweden was not pulled into the throes of the grunge movement that swept across the United States, and even across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom as evidenced by the popularity of Bush, reviews of Ground Mower's music from both the US and the UK have likened it to various grunge influences, attributable at least in part to the band's'raw'type of sound.

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