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  1. The I-Master system, weighing, provides ground moving target indication and synthetic aperture radar operations.
  2. The latter is a compact, active " e-scan " radar providing synthetic aperture radar imagery and ground moving target indication.
  3. The concept was to provide high-range-resolution ground moving target indication ( GMTI ), as well as SAR imaging and high-resolution digital mapping.
  4. The APG-68 has greater range and resolution, as well as 25 operating modes, including ground-mapping, Doppler beam-sharpening, ground moving target indication, sea target, and track while scan ( TWS ) for up to 10 targets.
  5. The aircraft is also equipped with the Lynx Multi-mode Radar that contains synthetic aperture radar ( SAR ) that can operate in both spotlight and strip modes, and ground moving target indication ( GMTI ) with Dismount Moving Target Indicator ( DMTI ) and Maritime Wide-Area Search ( MWAS ) capabilities.
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  7. Capabilities of the AN / APG-81 include the AN / APG-77's air-to-air modes, plus advanced air-to-ground modes, including high resolution mapping, multiple ground moving target indication and track, combat identification, electronic warfare, and ultra high bandwidth communications.
  8. One reason the WK450 was deployed so late in the conflict was to use its dual-mode synthetic aperture radar and ground moving target indication, which the Hermes 450 lacks, to identify Taliban fighters attempting to hide under the cover of dust storms; when the ground-based radar coverage at Bastion was switched off, the British Army stopped using the interim leased Hermes 450.

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