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  1. In railway station signs were removed, to confuse potential enemy ground movements.
  2. Semiconductor production is delicate and can easily be disrupted by ground movement.
  3. All this is needed to isolate the cemetery structures from ground movements.
  4. The ground movement could last 40 seconds to more than a minute.
  5. There is constant ground movement depending on wet or dry weather.
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  7. Above ground movement during the winter months is restricted to these tunnel systems.
  8. No injuries or damages were reported from either ground movement.
  9. But new designs, which allow skyscrapers to sway with ground movements, can mitigate damage.
  10. It is our intention to examine the possibilities for surveying ground movements, notably trucks.
  11. A cross-through tube accepted a wheel assembly for ground movement.
  12. Old tile is often in good shape unless there has been some ground movement.
  13. The scientists are using seismometers to measure ground movement and tiltmeters to measure tilt.
  14. However ground movement has been detected and has effectively ceased development in Northwich town centre.
  15. Parts of the track have warped due to erosion, ground movement or the displacement of sleepers.
  16. The North Portland Library was particularly vulnerable to strong ground movements because of its unreinforced masonry.
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