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  1. The Teltow Plateau is a flatly undulating ground moraine landscape.
  2. It is embedded in the ground moraines of Niederbarnimer.
  3. There are flat sandur areas, undulating ground moraines and elongated end moraines.
  4. Kettle lakes may be formed within the ground moraine region behind the terminal moraines.
  5. Terminal moraines sweep in a giant arc around the ground moraine zone to the south.
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  7. In the east there are more ground moraines; in the west is Lake Rudow.
  8. The low mountain terrace is composed of ground moraines and gravels, probably from the W黵m glaciation.
  9. All intermediate rock had eroded away before the till was deposited in a ground moraine by continental glaciers.
  10. A common variation, for example, is the spillage of younger meltwaters over older ground moraine beds.
  11. Ground moraine with uncharacteristic reddish iron-rich sediments extended from St . Cloud, Minnesota, back northeastward.
  12. The entire, gently rolling terrain in the southeast is composed partly of peat deposits and a ground moraine.
  13. Plateaux rise above the general level of the land like islands, mostely formed from Ice Age ground moraines.
  14. The present-day term is defined by an ice age plateau that consists mainly of ground moraine elements.
  15. Ice age ground moraines, meltwater sands and the overlying loess soils fill out the granite relief to varying degrees.
  16. Several ground moraine plateaux of push and terminal moraine ridges of the Ruhn Hills with heights of up to zu.
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