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  1. This barrier will keep ground moisture from entering the house.
  2. To control ground moisture, install a vapor barrier of 4-mil polyethylene sheets under the porch.
  3. Watering becomes a sweaty, gut-bucking affair, a let's-just-try-to-keep-' em-alive effort without help from rain and deeply stored ground moisture.
  4. "The haze blocks solar radiation, so there is less evaporation of ground moisture to move up and form rain clouds,"
  5. Broadcast NVIS antennas usually use an extensive ground screen to increase gain and stabilize the pattern and feed impedance with changing ground moisture.
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  7. Another part of the no-plowing theory is that ground moisture would be conserved; but this was shown to be incorrect by a 35-year study.
  8. Eventually, the newspapers will absorb ground moisture and decompose to form a clay-like substance that will contain water should the liner develop a leak.
  9. Ground moisture seeping up from the soil in a crawl space or through a concrete floor can also add considerable amounts of moisture to the air.
  10. I'm aware that there are factors like ground moisture, limestone, etc . involved, but a ballpark-by-decade would be great . 10 years ? 20 ? 60?
  11. Soybeans also fell on the weather forecasts, which would bring ground moisture amid that crop's flowering stage, in which pods form that eventually fill with beans.
  12. Among the preparations : tarps to keep the ground moisture from soaking sleeping bags, and two propane heaters for warmth through the long night before the parade.
  13. Its best served on a feeding platform ( a board slightly elevated off the ground ) to keep it from absorbing ground moisture, causing it to rot.
  14. That vapor comes from breathing, cooking, and washing, but also from ground moisture rising through the concrete floor until it meets the cool rug and condenses into water.
  15. Oualo plantings occurred during the cold dry season from November to March, to take advantage of ground moisture as the flood waters of the Senegal and Gorgol rivers receded.
  16. Under the program, emergency plantings of barley, rye and winter wheat will be undertaken with 87 percent state financing _ provided that enough ground moisture arrives by autumn planting time.
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