ground in in a sentence

"ground in" in Chinese  
  1. Getting your corn ground in frontier Missouri was a big deal.
  2. The Clintons continue to break creative new ground in family dysfunction.
  3. Rose bushes are continually planted on the grounds in her memory.
  4. The PSOE has lost electoral ground in each election since 1982.
  5. Woods smiled and stood his ground in the line of fire.
  6. It's difficult to find ground in in a sentence.
  7. Both nations found common ground in opposing the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  8. No one in Greenland feels on safe ground in this case.
  9. Reis said he would break ground in June for Meadow Ridge.
  10. The Woods translation is said to break new ground in eroticism.
  11. Thousands of us were sleeping on the ground in the open.
  12. It is not business as usual on the ground in Africa.
  13. Sound and smell of coffee being ground in the early morning.
  14. Beckles said in an interview from the cricket ground in Antigua.
  15. The Dow regained its ground in a little over a year.
  16. But the two films have found common ground in the courts.
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