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  1. After recent ground improvements the club has once again entered the competition.
  2. An extensive program of grounds improvements was commenced the following year.
  3. Many ground improvements have already taken place at the long time established Junior ground.
  4. Queen's Park conducted extensive ground improvements after the 1909 riot.
  5. Geotechnical problems posed by marine clay can be handled by various ground improvement techniques.
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  7. This site marked the first time that these geotechnical ground improvement techniques were employed.
  8. The Football Association would reject the club's ground improvement scheme, without giving a reason.
  9. Recent years have witnessed many ground improvements at Town Fields.
  10. Further ground improvements were started in early March 2008.
  11. He subsequently chaired the Football Grounds Improvement Trust and was deputy chair of the Football Trust.
  12. After relocating the pitch and make numerous ground improvements, the 1970s saw Newbury's fortunes take off.
  13. In 1932, with attendances on the rise the directors launched a big scheme of ground improvements.
  14. A new stand was purchased from Scunthorpe United and other major ground improvements were being made.
  15. The SPL subsequently allowed Ross County, undertook ground improvements to meet the SPL criteria before entering the league.
  16. The ground improvements paid for were 3, 500 seats on the Bryan Street stand, with a covered terrace.
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